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With corona largely behind us we face an old enemy - creeping debt. The iriya found new necks to squeeze, namely mine and that of AL, by means of putting holds on our bank accounts and thus preventing our participation in various capitalist enterprises. Having shaken us down for 10000NIS for this years arnona at shooken, they are after another 60K NIS for KG45 , our game of chicken coming to a fore in these days. The iriya's intransigence has managed to break the spirit of one of the last standing stalwarts, and the imminent closure of TAMI was announced. For real this time, you ask? There's not much money left , the wolves are at our backs, we've deferred a month's rent from our landlord, the sharks are circling, and in general it would appear we are SOL. You who read this, look deep into your hear and your pocket, and transfer all those bitcoins. DONATE


I've been busy since 2018 but am back to report on a mystery from the nasa mars lander vid I think there's a msg in the parachute

Para1.png Para2.png Para3.png Para4.png Para5.png


The thing is there's only four bits per parachute sector, so how would you write a message (eg in english chars which need a 26 char alphabet). If you had 5 bits that would be perfect. Maybe every 10 sectors (which gives 40 bits) is split into eight 5-bit words? If you just convert as binary it doesn't seem to scan.


We had a visit from Eli Mizrachi and abt 5 women from the Iriya. They looked around , specifically asked for the lathe/mill, checked out the biolab (which is looking better every week) and left after abt 20 min - there was no clear decision or conclusion. Hopefully they got the picture that the place is not only not-for-profit but in fact an excellent money-pit ...

20181203 leads to Emad Zaher 00972-52-2277049 Luis Zaher 00972-54-8078884 which leads to 054 807 8884 lui who leads to eitan 0543131665 Eitan wants 6.5nis/bottle for 1/2 heineken and 5nis/bottle for club mate but we need to make min order of 800nis


Avi has been hard at work upgrading the new gallery (that he built in place of the glass room) . He brought a bunch of storage trays which fit under the gallery, sliding into place two deep. Check it :

Avi racks1.jpg Avi rack2.jpg Avi rack3.jpg

Master planner that he is, the distance between beams exactly fit the container dimensions, allowing for ceiling storage that will launch the hackerspace into 2019 with guns blazing (metaphorically, we don't condone such, although neither do we categorically condemn, preferring a Swiss position on this and all other matters political). Huzzah!!


visitor from the gdr turned me on to the stuttgart shackspace - check out the arduino board ---



alon and tami (the human one) make shelves

Alontami1.jpg Alontami2.jpg Alontami3.jpg


tami meeting. we need some donors/alt income sources. outgoing ~11kNIS/month incoming ~3k/month -> sugar daddy coughs up 8kNis/month which is very bad for angels with finite bank accounts


massive cleaning at the metal shop!

also Gopro0013.ledsmoke.gif



1. cables&connectors : wooden 'hive'

2. computers & random non-cable non-connector electronics : white metal racks on SouthEast wall

3. non-electronics& personal stuff: white metal racks to left of entrace when entering

yair's explanation utube yair mediagoblin

yossi's explanation utube yossi mediagoblin

This creature Bonnie.jpg Bonnie2.jpg is loose ! Guard the cookies !

outtakes from day of shooting


at-tami bakeoff. the attami can act as a keyboard/mouse emulator. a highly useful device now exists that , when connected to your usb, types the following every minute:

Now, this is the story all about how

My life got flipped-turned upside down

And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there

I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air


It turns out our neighbor Neighbor1.jpg Neighbor2.jpg used to be in the robot business Neighborbot1.jpg Neighborbot2.jpg and now does watertanks Tank1.jpg

Eran is nearly done with his bike trailer TrailerEran.jpg. He made this nice weldingrod holder Rodholder.jpg, found a nice vise Vise.jpg for the welding table, and also grabbed about a half ton of metal stock from Donde's bike cart shop that's closing its doors :<


Dr. Norbert came round for part 1 of his ecorenovation series. We got some insider recipes and theory on ancient techniques that have gotten lost with the advent of 'plastic building' - latex paints amongst the offenders. Norbert1.jpg Norbert2.jpg NorbertRecipe.jpg We resurfaced a wall - it came out pretty nice and was rather easy to do.

The kg45 bldg had an artshow with some intstng pieces Kg45Show1.jpg Kg45Show2.jpg utube [mediagoblin offline]


This character Kfirby.jpg has been showing up again lately, with the general result that stuff is getting done, shelves re going up, and some 'freedom cleats' may eventually get made if the hackerspace doesn't get in his way too much.

This character Avi.jpg with the maniacal grin that is usually hidden by an orbit-worthy respirator Aviresp.jpg has been doing these nicely finished parts AviPARTS1.jpg AviPARTS2.jpg for an automatic food rehydrator and cooker (think coffee capsules with food instead of coffee).

This character Denisa.jpg has made some interesting stuff - microfluidics first experiments and now this 'kiss sensor' Kiss.jpg which lites up when you touch it (or kiss it).

This character DanielRULEZballons1.jpg is keeping the world safe from red balloon clusters DanielRULEZballons2.jpg

And finally this character AlonN.jpg keeps coming round, not sure what the story is


gingi here is working at the 'new' central bus station refurbishment and for this purpose has engineered the following pallet deconstructor

PalletX.jpg mediagoblin vid utube vid


a few more at-tami's are born. slice out of the matrix using scroll saw, buff edges for that personal touch Attami cut1.jpg Attami cut2.jpg


new shelf for electronics bench, not quite at hinon's level Hinonbench.jpg but not bad Electrobench.jpg

welding with carmel round 2 Weld2a.jpg Weld2b.jpg Weld2c.jpg


welding with carmel round 1 Weld1a.jpg Weld1b.jpg Weld1c.jpg


amusing tami quotes

'if you managed to make a deal with maxwell's demon, the real devil would be your bitch...' - d. klein

'as an adult i still think I can do anything, I just have a better estimate of how long it'll take' - a. levy



srsly pplz. attami rulz the hauz. theres nothing like the smell of cheap chinese solder paste in the afternoon - smells like temporary victory over the forces of entropic dissolution. Kudos to the wire-haired genius that made this all happen - Zvika, Yair, Guy, and Udi for long and careful work on design. Zvika for his kind of amazing arduino-controlled solder reflow oven complete with door-opener, reminiscent of the 'useless machine' insofar as it turns itself off, but is contrariwise eminently useful. Yair got the boards made, fixed the bugs, obtained all the components, made a solder mask using the stencil machine he also obtained for tami, etc. etc.

How do we do this, you ask?? Here is my step by step:

Attami8.jpg These are the bare boards before dicing. Slice one out.
Attami1.jpg Yair made this solder mask using the stencil cutting machine
Attami2.jpg Put the attami board in the jig and smear on some solder paste thru the solder mask.
Attami3.jpg Then scrape off the excess, doctor-blade style andAttami4.jpg start adding components
Attami5.jpg from the the convenient component box Attami6.jpg according to the latest layout
Attami7.jpg Note these parts are TINY
Attami9.jpg Keep going with the components, do not give up.AttamiBUILD.jpg
Attami10.jpg Once the board is populated, check for errors AttamiCHECK.jpeg
Attami11.jpg and pop it in the oven for reflow. Turn on heating elements, max temp and max time, hit reset on the computer ps zvika hacked.
Attami12.jpg After the reflow is done add a little jumper from X to Y
Attami13.jpg now you ready for program, boy - using the 'isp' Attami14.jpg and this crazy contraption
Attami15.jpg which is spring loaded!!!Attami16.jpg connect!
Attami17.jpg yair haz teh codez File:Attami18.jpg make blinken fur die checkenprotokol

Speaker found new home in kitchen for wide stereo separation and amp/ps are now bolted out of the way under the beamer shelf.
Beamershelf2.jpgBeamershelf1.jpg Beamershelf3.jpgBeamershelf4.jpg


Some folks from a robotics class in a local high school came by with their guide and built some robots. This is for some sort of competition for robots that do pick and place I think.

Hs robots1.jpgHs robots2.jpg

Tami got a motorizd movie scren (it rolls up, one that drives around would be good but maybe inconvenient for the viewers , unless they were also rolling) thanks to Amitai who reworked jerem'y primitivist attempt. I am a sparkplug, ignitor of idea-storms. Anyway at this point the thing actually works, the beamer is now on the central pillar which also got an upgrade by Yair Jeremy and Amitai.



Yonatan the Gingiest hacked a skateboard by adding a carbon fiber layer - actually too stiff but still way better than the original.

Natskate1.jpg Nateskate2.jpg

Jeremy looked at a cockroft-walton voltage multiplier that was assembled wrong, and tried putting a single stage together correctly, no dice. Would the driving frequency affect the output voltage for some reason?



The midburn IT team had a really groovy hackacthon. An impressive roster of folks contributed their time and expertise to get a pro site up which can be used by other regional midburns (these are burning man local events timed between the main burning man event.


check out a timelapse here

And with sound here

It included

1. customizing drupal cod ( for a ticketing system (to be open and usable by other communities when ready)

2. writing 'inspiration' -

3. various other things (SEO, wordpress security review, moving to AWS)

Some pictures here


cardboard + copper tape = pcb board without etching

imgur gallery >


Geekcon Network preparations are in high gear



A qMp mesh network has been deployed at two locations in Shapira!


IMG 0002.jpg


the motor control guys controlled motors Motor.jpg

AT-TAMI has a home Attami.jpg

uri once again set sail into the seas of linux Urilinux.jpg

AT-TAMI Schematic



The Israeli Pirates came over for an Occupy Wifi workshop Yairpirate.jpg


Emergency laptop repair - on a mac, replacing a hybrid ssd/regular hd

Macrepair1.jpg Macrepair2.jpg


some old vids i haven't put up yet -

alon's math stompdown

fishing line muscle wire

ecomotion copter


Danabeat.jpg dana makes heartbeat(video) using arduino to drive solenoid thru low side mosfet switch

Galmag.jpg gal demonstrates backhand magnet-throw vid


Dual frequency and duty cycle for Dana's heartbeat implemented on Uno in under five minutes by master programmer Salacious Crumb, video here



SHAKE THE HAND OF LIGHTNING - Noam made a HV supply for jacob's ladder effects using a flyback transformer and 3055 npn power transistor as shown here, video here



Yuval brought in an Alpine MRV-F305 amp salvaged from his car


will stay at the space for now to drop some beats.



newer, higher shelves - as high as the eye can see
High shelves.jpg
note the elusive horizontal shelf-sloth has been captured in this rare, collector's item photo

newer, higher library - as high as the eye can see

Dr. Norbert Hoepfer Workshop once again

hand-drill action
Hand drill.jpg

table-saw safety


the woodroom is now on the way to order.
when you use it, leave it more ordered, not less.
whosoever leaveth the woodroom with higher entropy, shall be cursed unto the seventh generation.

Woodorder1.jpg Woodorder2.jpg



hila model's noam's helmet-mounted floodlight

Frank made box Frankbox1.jpg Frankbox2.jpg


obligatory cute cats


moty models alex's down-under-cam
Undercam1.jpg Undercam2.jpg

quantum kid has a brainstorm in the hs
Qk1.jpg Qk2.jpg

and norbert goes to town once again with a wood workshop
Woodwork1.jpg Woodwork2.jpg Woodwork3.jpg
finally, zvika guessed a correct diagram for a high-throughput blower that now graces the woodroom


JS made a giant green mushroom

YA made some kind of antenna after installing arch on a new machine


JF created a chopping board with recess to allow destination-plate to be put in position so that chopped pieces can be output directly onto plate

Chop1.jpg Chop2.jpg


DK amused the masses with CD-in-microwave antics


N reconstituted a vintage makineta type device



Zvika figured out the electrical problem.

Soon we'll try to map the circuits and put them e.g.
Since the 'difference' fuse was jumping we look for a leak to ground.
To test connectivity between physically remote points (i.e. the output of fuse 5 and a suspect 'hot' wire) you can
run a long wire from the output of the fuse (in the main electric box) to a DVM, hold DVM near suspect hot wire and test resistance between suspect hot wire and output of fuse.

notes -
8 kOhm is minimum ok for resistance between hot line and ground. The 'difference' fuse (aka residual current device) trips at somewhere higher than 30mA. Testing resistance (with DVM) should show at least the 8kOhm resistance - however if the leak is diode-like, ie has a high threshold or breakdown voltage beyond which resistance changes, you won't pick the problem up with a regular DVM, you need a 'megger'.

We have a 'tester' which is a screwdriver with led inside, to use it close the circuit between top metal and clip metal with your finger , your body's capacitance to ground is enough to light the LED. It lights up when it hits a live 220VAC line, hopefully your body doesn't do the same. This can be used to map the circuits - turn off fuses one by one and see which outlets get neutralized.
The right side of an outlet (as you look at outlet from front) should be hot, left neutral, third is ground. Several of the outlets in the hs were found to be reversed (hot on left) - in dj area, this is bad

notes from Z

1. Before starting the work check that the DVM and the tester are operational.

2. Check that the "residual-current device" (מפסק פחת) is operational.

2. The work should be done under good light conditions.

3. Don't work alone. You need another person to watch while you work. The other person should know how to disconnect the mains in case something bad happens.

4. Shut down the main circuit breaker and verify, using the tester, that there is no electricity in all terminals you are going to connect.

5. Shut down all other circuit breakers.

6. You and/or the other person should always be in eye contact whit the electrical panel in order to verify that no one trips the circuit breakers on while while the work is being done.

7. Connect one prob of the DVM to the long wire using insulated electrical terminal block.

8. Set the DVM to OHM position. Test and verify that the long wire resistant is few ohms only.

9. Verify again, using the tester, that the wires in the connection box have no electricity.

10. Connect the long wire to the wire you want to test in the connection box using insulated electrical terminal block.

11. Verify again, using the tester, that the upper terminal in the electrical panel (circuit breaker No 5 in our case) has no electricity.

12. Touch the upper terminal of the circuit breaker with the second prob of the DVM and read the result.

13. Disconnect the long wire from the connection box, put the cover on the connection box. Now you may trip the circuit breakers on.



JR refinished a table by sanding off flaking laquer and adding a layer of 24h epoxy

Table before.jpgTable after.jpg


TAMI phone works once again!


tami github here


cat!! Cat.jpg cat!!


Jonathan has invented spiegelskates!!


Kostas from ASD fame came in to show some mind-blowing pieces from the demo scene.


rgb addressable leds connected to raspi (tamipi)Rgbaddr.jpg movie


solar charger constructed Charger.jpg


low freq speaker driving movie


great success, lots of new faces. stuff that got sorted

  • stereo system
  • speakers set
  • gps module
  • laptop (70%)
  • vacaum cleaner



4th installment of Dr. Norbert's awesome hands on series - this time, surface finishing with linseed oil, shellac, and dyeing , plus some blade sharpening. Hackerspace gained a shellaced dish and silverware cabinet . Moty bought a 2.4X1.2m plywood sheet for a 2nd level over main computer table. Jeremy constructed the feminist axe File:Feminist axe.jpg


Dror Z of electric dance floor fame is at it again, this time with a solar furnace that doesn't require the user to lug around a parabolic dish and cook outside - he's taking cheap (40nis!!) vacuum tubes (double-walled long test tubes with selective radiation coating - blackbody for visible and whitebody for uv - israeli invention no less)

Vactube.jpg and running them into a house Gur1.jpg which has an oven on the wall Gur2.jpg

the tubes are jazzed by a parabolic trough

Trough.jpg which the metalworking guru at ademama is shaping now

Trough ademama.jpg

The oven is classic french chef style - a big pot of water retains heat and you put pots to heat into the big pot. stay tuned for performance reports from the field


after a long hiatus here's another blentry (blog entry) I did a bit of planting in a 6" pvc tube (usually used for sewage) put in front of south windows. We cut 4cm holes every 10cm or so on the top of the tube for plants to stick their heads out while reducing evaporation as much as possible. A second smaller diameter tube was put inside the big tube, to hold a volume of water along the lines of 'self watering pot' systems. A water line connects to the inner tube to allow me to water straight to the inner tube, which also has a bunch of holes on the top to allow roots to drink from the water . Pics attached next steps - attach water line so i don't have to climb up to water.

unknown - whether water drainage is actually necessary. maybe waste products need to be removed continually? do plants produce waste that will hurt them? seems unlikely...

Windowfarm1.jpg Windowfarm2.jpg Windowfarm3.jpg Windowfarm4.jpg


work done today, we (yufrair) populated the hive and moved the table to center , consolidating lots of boxes in the process
we also found this stash of 2011 KG45 photos!


yakfir put together the 4X4 interlocking hive, which turned out a bit bigger than expected.


First "Open Wednesday", mucho visitores. We went down to Yinon's place to pickup new behemoth hive shelves, to be assembled by kfir later this week. New router setup by Yuval. Daniel (friend of Yair's) stopped by and took some damn fine pictures.


Yuval A. brought in some goodies, Ofer and Jonathan are working on building a Rostok 3d printer.


The walls came tumbling down Before.png After.png After2.jpg


Yuval's dad and he set up the 3phase electricity for the lathe and mill.


Yaki has been coming by a lot working on his baby-bottle-sterilizer. Yair is working on something top secret. Yonatan et al from Jerusalem/tentech finally came by!! They are first after a 3D printer, so they are doing some printed parts supplied by Moti whose ORCA IS FINALLY WORKING!!!! Hallelujah....jeez

Jeremy successfully filed a PCT patent app electornically , using one of the most user-unfriendly, incoherent, ass-backwards systems ever dreamt up by a coterie of evil programmers deep in the bowels of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Would that I am never again forced to use a 6-versions-out-of-date Firefox browser.


Alon, Yair, JR and Moti laid out the cable for the CNC and mill power (3phase). Electrician (Yuval's dad) will do the official stuff soon.


With much trepidation Frank took on the task of getting the reprap working. Filaments snapped and fingers burnt- it was a good 7 hours of playing. The extruder seems to be working a lot better (gears line up nicely and runs smoothly. Watch this space- hopefully you'll all be able to print.


The sun has set on a momentous day - Yair, Alon, Jeremy and one other fellow whose name escaped me, Alberto, the Electro-erosion owner, and another fellow ganged up on the mill and lathe - and won!! Mill1.jpg Mill2.jpg

Mill3.jpg Mill4.jpg

Mill5.jpg Mill6.jpg



Jeremy and ALon deconstructed the Mother of All Pallets to get about 5sqm of thick plankwood with which Jeremy and Yair built a decent section of floor above the mech room onto which was loaded a large amount of random and miscellaneous entities including but not limited to cable run cages, mystery pump, mother of all foldable chairs, 5 propane gas tanks of which 3 eventually made it to the 'on the way out' box by the door, ~10 square-section wood beams, giant sandpaper roll, about 10 bicycle tyres (outers, mostly mountain and a few road), giant fresnel lenses (from which a rather cool lampshade can be made as seen at kastiel), washing machine cylinder with heating elements, and so on.

A bunch of stuff was tossed both from the mech room and over the glass room - many chairs, two fromm boxes, a zac box, etc. The cnc room was readied for bringing-on the mill and lathe by removing the brick shelves and black shelves. Yair went thru the woodpile and tossed a bunch of doubleplus ungood items.

Still to do in this direction - clean entrance area. Get bikes onto some kind of rack or otherwise stored. Get all of Moti's private stuff onto mech room 2nd floor. Get misc electronics boxes, printers, microwaves out of grey racks and onto mech room 2nd floor.

Kfir came by - your cabinet door is in cnc room under guy&guy cnc.


This actually happened a few months ago - amitai doing some unsupervised highly unconventional woodworking operations with a drillpress and angle grinder. The product is an endcap for the long 6" sewer pipe now hanging by the windows and hopefully hosting a crop of edible goods.


Alon and Jeremy went to kikar habima again to demo the magbots to ch. 10. We did a run , then the tv guys wanted more footage. In the meantime the tankbot suffered a direct hit from an enemy shell , and the metal mag plate started scraping kadishman (who was personally and honorably asked if he was ok with the statue being defaced by our bots - there is apparently a signed letter of consent floating around the iriya somewhere with our and kadishman's name on it, surely worth thousands...) so we pulled off the plate, now working again..but a motor burned out! with minutes left of daylight we dashed up to yair's place, fixy fixy and back down but the lame tv guys were already in their pajamas. Alon magbot.jpg video here


The funfun fanzine festival came to town, and we did some wall projection and ronen did a performance art piece involving getting run over by an army of RC cars for several hours...


Hila and Amitai conspired to figure how to get residential or other arnona instead of business. yuval got interviewed by our the TAMI biographers...Channel 10 wants to film the mag robots, will yair return in time to have them ready? stay tuned!!!


Jeremy tried to get a DHT11 going using the adafruit library - either the unit is fried or I'm doing something wrong, I got 'NaN' results despite some wrangling. I'll try the other temp sensors from [ yair's 37-in-one box 37inone.jpg since all i really need is temp.


Vatil Vatil1.jpg Vatil2.jpg came by for a monthly BenGurion control tower sim - I like Vatil because

1. they prep beforehand,

2. they do cool stuff,

3. they teardown afterwards.

Its the pilot training that does it.

Moti has encountered some probs in his orca - the hobbed bolt bites thru the filament due to extreme backpressure while attempting to print fast - solutions would apparently be

1. to print slower,

2. to print hotter,

3. to replace the extruder. Orca1.jpgOrca2.jpg


Yair, Hila, Kobi made appearances. Jeremy and Noam worked on some telephony stuff. Daniel came to sleep in Alon's bed . Upcoming event - the fun fun festival


Yair Yairdances.jpg came by and got two steppers running under some OS drawbot sw.
Ori Cardboardelephant.jpg came by to show off his collapsible cardboard elephants.
And a battery rejuvenation Battpull.jpg project was started - a bunch of thinkpad battery packs got ripped open and the cells are currently being charged.


lots of action at kikar habima , where the symphony did a shindig i honor of going to its new home and we participated - magnetic robots climbed the kadishman statue, some beads were stochastically beaded onto bracelets, addressable LEDs were addressed, TAMICOLA was not drunk, and white lab coats were distributed to the faithful.


A meeting run by yuval on some sort of linux analyzer of ham radio signals system.

bamboo drone

historical CO2 levels


Yuval and the IL ground crew from VATIL had a bengurion airport groundstation session. virtual air traffic simulation event, pics here


solid works class


Meeting - HS issues - arnona, arrangement


Amitai, Yair, Moty, Yuval, Alon, and Guy all came by for extended periods and have renoberated the entire place. Surround010413.jpg panorama The electronics is now on the S. wall of main space, storage rack made into L, hydro table against kitchen table, glass aquarium room cleaned, etc. etc.


TOm's hair Tomcrazyhair.jpg paid a visit , he is busy setting up XLN haifa. as soon as they are ready we will set up the haifa-tlv rapid transport 'omega' system.

Yuval's brother came and set up a hydroponic system Hydro.jpg in record time for a final design project.


The place is finally organized enough Surround270213.jpg (try herefor panoramic action) that people are actually able to work on projects instead of sidequests getting things in place.
For instance Kobi's awesome 3d surface-creating-thingy 3dsculpt.jpg has been installed with only an hour sidequest to build a table for it.
Check out the video. The idea is to build a surface map using the wooden dowels which are pushed by an actuator to apporximate surfaces captured for instance by kinect. No, its not done yet.
Anyone who knows where to get a big thin rubber sheet let kobi know.

We got Moti's A2 file cabinet Filecabinet.jpg into place next to the electronics spot,
and the tower of hanoi is on the way outta here making the electronics area a high-octane megalicious hyperhackzone.

Rob Rob.jpg from england stayed a few days after his electrochemistry conference in sde boker.
Some cool 3d art at the restaurant on florentine 3dart1.jpg File:3dart2.jpg


Moti and Yair are promoted to the pantheon of hs heroes. A stairway to heaven Ladder.jpg and work-lights Lights.jpg from Yair. Combining the two shelf units yielded more shelf area therebetween Shelves.jpg. A pretty nice telescope has appeared Telescope.jpg. And the electronics area Electronics.jpg is starting to seriously shape up thanks in no small measure to a bunch of bins and boxes from Guy O.


In the last few days the space got a new look due to actual organizational progress, putting stuff in place, guy bringing a bunch of plastic bins, yair busting arse, and general mayhem as per not usual.


more hacking from resident hacker daniel - here with gf having x-cheek enhancementDanielgf1.jpg Danielgf2.jpg

leo put up an elephant totem in an undisclosed location Dumbototem.jpg


yair brought some humus Yairdanielhumus.jpg a shelf got added Shelf.jpg to hold speakers that run music from the eee computer now receiving streaming audio. Some audio server details:

pax11publish -e -S meeep

PULSE_SERVER=meeep& mplayer...


Moti added a workbench to the mechlab. Motitable.jpg.

Daniel Golle came by and maxed out our wifi speed by turning down the transmit power from 500W (US standard) to 50W (more than enough for devices to see) , increasing transmit speed due to lower noise apparently.

We have been given some ipv6 addresses by signing up on hurricane electric's tunnelbroker.

2001:470:7038::/48 is our /48 prefix

2001:470:7038:cOf3::/64 TAMI LAN,

2001:470:7038:cOf3::1 is the OpenWrt router, aka outsideworld.tami

To not accidentally expose insecure local services to the global IPv6 internet, the firewall of the router limits incoming connections to only some specific ICMP and TCP/UDP port 1024 or higher. It probably makes sense to specifically allow TCP port 22 for incoming SSH, so machines inside the TAMI network can securely be accessed via SSH from everywhere on the IPv6 internet.

In order to make also improve IPv4 connectivity, the TAMI LAN was moved from to, mainly to avoid address space collisions. is also part of the RFC1918 private range, however, has been reserved for in the global DN42 overlay address space. In this way, TAMI can soon have NAT-free endpoint-to-endpoint IPv4 connectivity with the networks of other hackspaces all over the world.

I started uploading pics automatically to a google group tami, only because a panorama viewer is available -


we successfully moved a few long tonnes of materiel the 200m from ba19 to kg45. David Ruzicka File:David.jpg from cz stayed a bit after travelling to IL in the wake of falling in love with an israeli girl. never do that btw.

We are slowly getting the new place organized File:Organized.jpg

We had a meeting on the 12th about what goes where, consensus was more or less reached.


сheck out yair's fantasy-land of robotic mystery. all @ brvrbt

humbeling robo-action from (the amazing) JMEM here


The Arig guys came over - Daniel, Yuval, Amitai, plus Moti and Alon were here, the girl Alon is teaching to program, and maybe some others I've forgotten. For some reason the Arig meeting was rather fractious. Personally I'd like to set up a link bet. current space and new space, its line of sight and down the street. There was some interest in setting up an arig at a communal farm in the south.

Some intstng stuff from our neighborhood Florentinegraffiti.jpg Cannibal hotdog.jpgInsectoids.jpg


Moti Motichoc.jpg has fixed a bunch of PCs over the past few days, and Gilad brought over a few LCDs and HDs - between all this we now have three or four more working systems .

Assi Assi.jpg from Haifa came over to pay maximum respect to the hackerspace before we move to the new place.


Yesteday we had a few things happen:

  • contract for the next location was signed, in Kibbutz Galuyot 45, gush 7112, plot 144, subplot 60. This is a larger place, better facilities (2! bathrooms), moving in 1.1.2013, we will need everyone's help!
  • Lior and Elad gave two great talks about Debian and Fedora packaging respectively.NERDS1.jpgNERDS2.jpgNERDS3.jpg
  • Moti has become a confirmed nitinolcoholic. Nitin1.jpgNitin2.jpg Leo and Jeremy discovered that providing the 'recovery force' of ~1kg allows consistent operation of 'flexinol', allowing the macho guys to flex muscle wire while the nerds get all kubunted. He succeeding in bending spacetime at the end:Nitin3.jpgFrommwarp.jpg
  • We had a visitor from base48!Dubious.jpgDubious2.jpg He shines his shoes with his toothbrush as one can discern from the shirt. They seem to be doing fine managing projects without semantic media wiki, and their wiki has create account enabled (with some captcha), and their main site is a wordpress, and they have an active irc channel, and a working reprap.. (/me goes to cry).

Beware of devil cat!!! Devilcat.gif


Cleaned the place, lets keep it clean. That means you, dirty-boy. Alon came by and spent the day programming with a hangover from doing the robot-dance till the breaka breaka dawn at an exclusive TLV discotheque. J put up another elect. outlet and a rusty steel shuriken door symbol.


Frank&Yair got a 'husqvarna' sewing machine, somewhat less macho than the gas-powered 2-meter extreme stump-logging 8hp chainsaw that husqvarna also makes, but better for darning socks.


Yair Yairservo.jpg made a ckt to control a servo using the output of an LDR (light dep. resistor) to turn the servo by changing a voltage controlling the 'control' pin of a 555 ckt doing variable-duty-cycle pwm going into the servo. The servos want 20Hz and a signal bet. 1ms and 2ms 'on' to go thru the entire angular range. One question without clear answer was - whats the expected range of the servos we have? some places list 90deg, others claim 180 for the same make and model...


Finished putting in parquet floor in annex. J has discovered a hidden talent, namely the ability to cut extremely straight lines Straightcut.jpg with the bandsaw. Once this was worth something...


Went to fablab Holon w. Yair and Eytan the trapeze artist - there's a giant CNC that Ohad is taming . Fablab cnc1.jpgFablab cnc2.jpgFile:Fablab cnc3.jpg

Apparently these are popping up all over the place - maybe one soon in tlv. The idea is you buy a bunch of mit-approved eqpt and collab with other fablabs around the globe , since everybody has same eqt everyone can share recipes. The cnc is $25000, laser cutter prob another $20 easy.


Dr. J got Moti's ups running off a 220-110 xformer running a resistor divider to hit 70V after rectification to fake the battery array - works fine at 0.5A from the UPS Ups oven.jpg using a 160Ohm power resistor but on putting it to a real test using the giant potentiometer/oven shown in pic, it seems the ups takes a sec. or two to kick crank out the amps, during which the 50,000uF of caps drains low enough that the ups goes into panic/shutdown. So we need more caps. 70vdc anim.gif


Dr. J conjured this ckt 70vdc diag.jpg which in practice looks like this 70vdc.jpg for a 70VDC supply. I blv the resistors will need to be beefed up since I'm over the power limit on discharge, tho the charge/discharge time constant is already ~15 minutes...1 fuse and 2 resistors released their magic smoke in the process of making this.

Alon went and got the contract from galuyot45, I think we all are intstd in moving there. Yesterday J & Y met with Yakov Gilat who mentioned the iriya may be able to donate large spaces not being used as long as we demonstrate community involvement.

Alon improved the webcam to show both depth and regular images. 10 hackerpoints to whoever makes a third image showing deltas, ideally fading with time and on a background of the current image. and/or an anim.gif of the last hr


We went over to Kibutz Galuyot 45 Kibutz galuyot45 yairlikesit.jpgKibutz galuyot45 kitchen.jpg Kibutz galuyot45 livingroom.jpg


Frank, son of an electronics technician and hence extremely handy analog guy, came over and kickstarted the UPS stepmotor driver supply Upspcb1.jpgUpspcb2.jpg.


Leo Happyleo.jpg came by and worked on a top secret project not involving gas centrifuges nor extraction of rare earth elements from seawater Leowork2.jpg. An ancient plaque was discovered showing Fromm's ancestors engaged in useful labor(aka ancient yonxploitation). Fromxploitation2.jpg I managed to capture a blurry b&w photograph of the Yeti- Sasquatch- Bigfoot- The Abominable Moti Yeti.jpg, an extremely dangerous creature prone to shorting high voltage leads together and attracted to electronics benches. Searching for powersupply parts I got to 'siman tov' electronics (03-9215005 wolfson 61) where they had a selection of discrete components, electronics boxes Projectboxes.jpg and the like - seems pretty good.

Over the wknd we spotted the worlds smallest handicapped sign guy Handi.jpg and a murder scene Murder.jpg where four rectangular aliens met their end, apparently by steamroller.

Our wattometer is now online.


jeremy's top secret lair got a floor and wall - noise considerably abated

future plans - will hs move to abulafia? will we amutize?

hacking plans in pre-execution limbo - freedom box/arig mesh networking, kinect->3d modelling

udi is gonna give an fpga masterclass


Ta Mi got a projector

new back burner project - supercap using graphite oxide electrodes w. graphene electrolyte dvd lightscribe makes supercap


Guy came over yesterday and soldered this surface mount Vishay Hbridge chip to a breakout board Yair brought -
hopefully we can wangle some H bridges this week, and get Stephanie running a bit.

with the inclusion of an elderly macmini (10.04 osx) next to the reprap winXP machine.
we now have all major operating system represented



Alon decided to protect himself from stray EM fields using a Chinese variant of the tinfoil hat Faraday1.jpg Faraday2.jpg


Sefi came over and we got to check out his hexacopter Hexa1.jpgHexa2.jpg


A lot of action lately at ye olde hackerspyce. Yesterday Hanan, Alon, Yair, Yair's friend Der Snappler, and Kfir were about and up to their usual nefarious ways: Theusual.jpg. Here, Der Snappler threatens Kfir with the Diarrhinga-Finga. The claw-hammer in Kfir's left hand is thankfully not visible to the easily-offended readership. Your narrator's feet in the foreground attest to his admirable 'live and let fight' attitude.

Kfir, while not occupied protecting his honor, is in the meantime forging ahead with Stephanie Pinion on motor2.jpg.

The cupcapeCupcake lives.jpg is finally getting back into shape, as is the reprap; there was apparently a firmware switch that got by us and as soon as that's sorted the new extruder from Sefi can get to work.


Alon set up the webcam , I can't figure out how to embed that pic here so you'll have to go click the link


Kfir rigged up this ka-razy koolaid system Coolant.jpg for drilling thru a SST gear so that it will fit the 14mm diameter of our stepmotor shaft, all for the Big_CNC.

Lior came by with a board from his 1992 Roland Synthesizer from 1992 that had two problems: Synth.jpg

  • - The power female plug is old and when connecting to electricity works only if you touch it with the finger in certain angle
  • - The power switch connects the circuit only if pressed fully to the end. If I just press it, it goes back to the middle (as it should) and does not close the circuit.

We set him in front of the soldering station and he got the bugs squashed in due time - he shorted the switch closed, and replaced the barrel connector.

I met this fellow Danzig, an industrial designer who is responsible for these awesome 8020/unit style modular streetposts Post.jpg. Contrary to my initial supposition these are actually an Israeli invention, not an import, and are produced by some extrusion shop in Arad. Signs/lights/etc can be atached to modular connectors that slide up and down the post and are anchored with bolts as in the 8020 extrusions we use for our cnc's and electornics workbench, on a larger scale.


A bunch of folks showed - Alon, Yair, Yair's friend Dr. Vladimir Shnellznoph (inventor of the foldable chicken souffle), Galia of the Sonic Screwdriver, etc. etc.

Shnellznoph spent an evening in entropic wilderness, using energy to deplete disorder by sorting a bag of capacitors that , like a cornucopia, contains an endless supply 2.6Kg of unsorted caps.
. Tm1le.jpg

Tami's Tamibar got a once-over

Kfir did some precision drilling


Kfir and J worked on Stephanie, while Kfir's Kohorts worked on the new reprap extruder kindly forked over by Sefi Group.jpg


We had a big ol party to the greatest hits of 1984 Party1.jpg Party2.jpg
Alon was actually tapping his foot slightly, indicating extreme enjoyment: Party3.jpg Party4.jpg Party5.jpg Party6.jpg and we tried out my new silvered 'safety' goggles Party7.jpg.
Stephanie the CNC is growing a y stage, the reprap is getting a new extruder, and another computer is getting put into the electronics area.
Alon seems to be working on the webcam or rewriting TCP/IP or something. I can never tell and somehow he manages to talk too fast for me to process, like his brother Hanan, leading me to suspect that sufficient brains for triplets wound up getting distributed to twins. Hanan meanwhile suggested theShocken computer as a continuing project. Kfir turned me onto Ben Krasnows blog. This wood sailboat is only 400,000 NIS Boat.jpg, otoh the concrete submarine Concsub.jpg can be built for a song and a few tons of concrete. Lastly: Why doesn't our place look more like this? Coolhs.jpg


Shahar Dolev and a few others came by to discuss an opensource car project. We decided to try to join wikispeed, and build their basic setup if possible. Shahar is holding out for a design for a fourseater than can be separated into two motorcycles to solve the problem of the single commuter in a big car. Jeremy thinks its possible but likely to introduce serious difficulties and so we might as well start off with the wikispeed standard model - if its a fourseater.


Yonxploitation continues with floor cleaning, reorganization, and generally moving matter from place to place while tossing the useless and wiping surfaces. Check it out:



J went to Sefi's XLN hackerspace and he set us up with excellent reprap extruder head parts Repraphead.jpg and pc's if we want them.

Lev Eliezer Israel Lev.jpg may be cranking up another hackerspace possibly in j'lem - check it out


It finally happened...the electronics table is clean...we can declare victory over entropy at long last. Fromm gets 3000 hackerspace points Cleanelect.jpg


RETURN OF THE MOTI-LEVY . Dr. Fromm, Moti and Alon were discovered, upon my return from points north for the Feast of Tabernacles, having revamped, refibulated, and renoberated the entirety of our commodious quarters. Behold!

The new kitchen 2.2 - note Tami's Tami Kitchen1.jpg The new kitchen again Kitchen2.jpg The ultimate peacetime war-room command center Command1.jpg The ultimate peacetime war-room auxiliary command center Command2.jpg Moti's 3d printer pc nexus 3dcomp.jpg The refurbished and upgraded wymyn-friendly chillout zone complete with sitting accomodations, standing room, and sleeping-enabled couch-age. Chill.jpg I have been searching for the ultimate IDE after having installed Eclipse, and ran acrost this baby {WARNING NERD JOKE AHEAD} Debug.jpg. And finally, it appears that Jeremy has discovered the 'effects' menu item in 'irfan' his favorite image proc. prog.


Sefi came by and:

  • fixed dremel head
  • got latest software for mendel onto my laptop
  • attempted to resuscitate several computers - no single working unit seems to be cropping up and this is work that I (jeremy) can't stand - so if someone would step up to the plate...
  • did some hob-nobbing Sefihob.jpg
  • 'welded' some plastic extruder bits together Sefiweld.jpg with heat from soldering iron

A new form of worker oppresion called 'yonxploitation' has been implemented whereby yonatan fromm is forced to clean the bathroom until it shines with platinum splendor. Yonxploitation.jpg

Leo has been working on a top secret project involving pressure sensors, liter bottles of water, a datalogger, and the human bladder. Leofan.jpg Here he basks in the climate controlled splendor of the hackerspace afternoon light.


Yair, Moti, Leo came by. Leo and Jeremy finished off the variable powersupply, which can blast a length of nitinol wire to its melting point. Moti fixed a 12V powersupply for the RGB LEDS Yair brought from China which are now up and look AWESOME in their epilepsy-inducing glory. Yair and Moti then cracked open the new PCs we got from Kfir's friend and started adding some necessary guts like hd's and powersupplies. We now have another good desktop, we just need to reinstall linux and/or windows of some vintage. Hannukah Harry can bring Jeremy these gloves


Leo, Kfir, and Moti came by, Leo finished off the dc powersupply after j managed to blow the ammeter which is a shame since it was a nice old-school russian one. It should take 30amp and got fried by 8 but otoh it was connected directly to voltage (i forgot the voltmeter terminals are above the vmeter and the ammeter terminals are above the ameter) and it is of course meant to drop less than 75mV. Anyway more deets at [1].

It turns out Moti is pretty handy with a sewing machine. We went to the beach Sat. and he had these hammocks he made. We should get a sewing machine and get busy.

Kfir continues his assault on [Stephanie] Xmotor1.jpg Xmotor2.jpg File:X.gif


I went the XLN opening at 166 Yigal Alon - this guy Sefi seems to be expert on 3d printers, he said he'd come by sometime to get ours in shape. Their place is smaller than ours but has money from 'machon reut' which is an ngo of some sort. They had free wine, the mayor spoke, and the girls were from n. america.

Yair came by with a big bag o' loot including but not limited to:

  • grab bag of about 3000000 caps which yair amazingly sorted
  • webcam of noble vintage
  • bunch of solarpowered address lights (will emergency services be able to see YOUR address when every second counts??)
  • RGB LED strip!!!
  • box of ~50 sensors for everything under the sun
  • bunch of lm338 5amp current/voltage regulators
  • etc


Yair checked the conductivity of dirt Yair gets dirty for the [windowfarm] coca plantation, he wanted to do an auto-water jig maybe along these lines wheatstone rides again


Motors arrived via DHL for Stephanie the CNC Nema34.jpg. These are three NEMA34 8Nm bohonkin stepmotors that can barely be stepped by hand, about 3kg each, 8.5cmX8.5cmX15cm. Maybe overkill - but we'll have a table that can push stuff around with some serious force.


Jeremy nearly finished his floor. Alon Alonbottle.jpg came by after GeekCon and built a rollout shelf Rollout.jpg for the laptop to go under the West work table and we made some [windowfarming] units Windowrow.jpg using string, plastic bottles, and wooden dowels. This is regular dirt growing highly advanced 'dirt-ponics' as opposed to hydroponic which many seem to use. More details at [2]


Leonardo Leo.jpg came by and we worked on Nitinol a while. It became apparent we need to control current carefully, thus we started building a basic powersupply. The from-scratch model I had about had a blown xformer so we started with a PC ATX and built the following Frankenstinian object: Fronkensteen.jpg. All that's missing is a Jacob's ladder and organ music. Since its coming from a PC ps I was thinking to use the meters at 'user discretion' , ie have inputs to the meters come out to bananas on the front and allow user to connect whatever ps output (12V, 5V, 3.3V, -5V, -12V, and one variable coming from an LM 338 connected to 12V and a pot) to whatever meters (volts, amps) he wants. Reasonable?? more at [[3]]


Pavel&co came by to work on the portable vortex generator for Geekcon 2012. IT seems to have grown an arduino and some motors which is a good sign. Leonardo and a friend came by and we worked a bit with nitinol shape memory alloy, which is a bit mysterious. The stuff is a springy metal that likes to go back to its original form, like a spring. The trick is when you heat to ~400-500C the material will assume whatever form it happens to be in - this is the new 'desired shape'. Now if you distort (at RT), the stuff will try to spring back to the new shape. If you heat to ~80C, it will do so even more - I think. So the point IIUC is you are changing the spring constant by heating a little, and changing the equilibrium shape when heating to 400. If we can master this stuff there a many interesting possibilities - see the MIT worm.

Kfir came round and got an arduino running some TIL311 led matrix displays - these are like 7 segment displays except they take a 4 digit binary number and display the number in hex, so four lines gets you a hex digit (as opposed to a 7segment display where you need the 7 lines for a digit). Anyway this is for a handmade watch. The nixie tube is a cool variant display, i wonder if you could bend optic fibers into each of the 10 or 16 digits and drive each with a dedicated LED for the same kind of effect but without the high voltage and low efficiency TIL311.gif


Long time no update, not from lack of stuff going on. Your humble narrator has been to budapest and has seen the light. This week has seen some preparation for Geekcon 2012 Tron and the MCP worked on their tomato-picker - Tron&mcp.jpg Guy & Co. worked on a plastic mold pressure jig Guy&co.jpg

somewhere in between 0821 and 0903

Our aircon water output has been routed into a planter box on the ledge below our west windows. Ledgeplant.jpg The box has a 2-3 liter bucket that fills, the plant drinks from the bucket by means of a bunch of wicks leading from bucket to dirt around plant. But the ac water output overflows the bucket.


Yesterday Alon returned from Yerp and installed a Tor server, which is a coincidence as I was just reading about them (assange->wikileaks->cryptome->anonymous publishing). He will be putting up the details at some point, somewhere. He donated another laptop too.

Guy^2 came and got their cnc servos going. These are serious frikkin motors, 400W each and spinning extremely fast. Long story short its a good thing they have an emergency stop button and even better thing the cnc has mechanical stops past which the x-stage cannot travel (are there similar stops on the y and z?)

Jeremy has been busy learning to code for the android, pretty fun after all the ide bugs got unkinked.

Last wk Kfir brought another desktop computer he donated and did a bunch of work on the CNC.


Guy^2 and Kfir worked on cnc's which I name percival and stephanie, respectively. stephanie got the x-axis Xaxis.jpg assembled, now need to add x-motor mounts to bothsides. Since geometry is starting to matter i began a google sketchup drawing Skp.jpg before giving up to go use rhino or solid.


Kfir and I were getting some stuff from the toolshop around the corner and passed these guys coming into the downstairs door. Kfir went back to see wtf they were up to , which was going thru the stuff stashed on the third floor landing 'looking for our electric bike...have you seen any black dudes around here?' Anyway when confronted they 'left' (one hiding under the stairs until Kfir was like 'uhhh...i'm not blind dude'. So K came and got me from the store and I went looking for the guys and took the attached pic which they did not like so much. Don't worry, the family jewels are intact despite attempts to the contrary. Anyway long story short we filed a police report, their car # is 8155321 with I'd say 90% certainty, there were 3 of them with either real or well faked strong arab accents and a fine vehicle , white with blacked out windows and magnesium rims. hello neighbor

I'm trying to obtain another copy of the key to the downstairs door and will try to get Gila to fix the door hinge (again). We could also do the key cards on the downstairs door, maybe putting up some webcams (real or fake) would do some good too.


Yonatan S. came by to work on a lanyard-weaving machine, something similar to wonderweave drill to win


Kfir attached stephanie's rails to the table. Jeremy didn't do anything except realize kosta was right abt latent heat of vaporization needing to be extracted when cooling/condensing water. when will it start chopping


K&J attached the aluminum plate to an iron table and worked on the x-rails of the white-trash cnc.immovable object, meet unstoppable force

Two Guys came over (and Udi, and a fellow whose name escapes me); the Guys worked on the deluxe cnc work already , moving it near the east pillar, greasing the rails w. peanut butter, setting up the cable runs and hooking up electronics, and put solidworks and other associated files on the computer by the west pillar.

Udi has an intstng plan to make a light-seeking pv equipped robot using old hard disk (or floppy?) actuators, with pv output used for feedback; the fellow whose name I ungratefully forgot (he bought cola after all) lost his arduino virginity and caused some blinkenlights to blinken.


Some new shelves bare nekkid shelvesshelve it stow it got put up above the mech space for holding scrap, clearing the space below for somewhat more ordered stowage.

I discovered that our water boiler operates even when the red switch is off. I turned the little knob on the doodad on the bottom of the boiler wtf to the other side and that seemed to stop the heating (I checked voltage on the heating elements to discover unwanted heating and verify the sol'n). Anyone who understands wtf is going on pls chime in.


Kfir and Jeremy worked on the mech corner - cutting off top of right table to make it into a new shelf (with other cut part from cnc table) on which metal and wood planks can be stashed. It gives more room to drillpress, circsaw etc. which were kind of hard to work with, and also the fluor. light can be put up under the new shelf where they're more useful. Idea came up of storage hanging from ceiling too, there's cement beams suitable for it. The circular saw can cut at angles which is nice. whats yer angle


Kfir fixed the bandsaw! go K Jeremy got down with his wet, hot self so wet... (nsfw version) and Yair painted the front door...which did not stop some thoughtful citizen from actually coming in at some point, pissing on our entrance floor, and leaving. We need to put up some kind of anti-urination device like a vortex plasma cannon that vaporizes urinators.

A good article from Lifehacker on how to acheive goals. Should sound familiar to a lot of us...


go J


Pavel S and Lior came by to work on their Geekcon project which seems to involve a vortex cannon that blew my hat off.


J put up a toolboard by the northwest table. Alon was there, we went to this coop veg. restaurant ,ברקיימה.


Kfir sliced up a table for big cnc#2 (stephanie) don't come cryin when the disc is flyin and painted this big sheet of sandwich for a blackboard. Jeremy did a bit of work on his floor finally over the wknd, and got a sheet of mirror finish sst for Solar_powered_refrigeration/dehumidification. Eviatar Tron donated a bunch of eqpt after an apt. move: big disk, welding helmet, cf lights, big pile of drills, several pieces s&m eqpt (whip, paddle, crop), bunch of mcu dev kits (sbc's, avr dev stuff), breadboards, misc tools, awesome utility belt, etc.

New visitors - Salomon Chikule from Haifa, just out of the army with money in his pocket to blow in the big city, and Guy Weiss of Ashdod, car mechanic and electric vehicle enthusiast


Kfir took the always-on laptop and in a stroke of genius put it on the computer work space, its now the dj master control panel and webcam video absorber. He also randomly organized some m0re stuff after moving swapping some tables - the place is in grave danger of becoming clean and orderly. The aircon stopped working at one point after being on a few hrs, we tried changingthe batt but to no avail so we'll try a repairman asap, its pretty miserable w no ac. jonathan fromm where is your desiccator system? Hanan and Alon were here up to no good as usual. Eviatar T is threatening to unload some GM car-of-the-future stuff on us, I will go tomorrow ~1830 if anyone wants to join. Kfir exerts force F Kfir exerts force 2F


Kfir has hatched a plan to shame Guy into action - he and I are gonna actuate our cnc before he does...He is also bldg a balckboard from a whiteboard, prefers chalk to markers...too much time in school before waiting tables


The virgin flight of the bananabird - all black parts were printed on the cupcake. Supposed to be in an art exhibit , bezalel jlem on the 17th.


I was gone the wknd in Cyprus checking out a solar car race as Kedem Levy would like to do the same in IL solar cars rule. so i dunno what transpired, but the place remained pretty clean. Gila called this morning asking me to clear out the remaining stuff in the hallway and sweep, which latter I somewhat resisted since the cigarrette butts for instance are not gonna be ours and in fact were here since we came; same for damaged walls (including those apparently behind the piles of wood on the 1st floor). The holes in the wall are like the holes in the theory that we're responsible - good thing I have pictures to prove it in case Gila tries to stick us as responsible by pulling our arevut check when we leave (a favorite landlord hobby which I would guess is a Gila specialty). Interesting how she knows there are holes behind that stuff since she can't see behind it without moving it and there's little chance she moved 250kg of material just to look behind it and then moved it back.


Kfir put up the message box outside our door and mopped the floor , which is a historic first for the hackerspace. Then he went crazy and wiped off all the tables! Too much waiter work I think, the place is in danger of actually being clean. Guy Alon Moti and Jeremy went and got Guy's CNC and put it in the SE corner. There's another workbench free that Jeremy cleared off.


Alon and Yair worked on the cupcake. Yair had an idea for frisbee POV, I think a standard POV strip would do it but the position sensing is a little tricky, maybe with a mems gyro. Pavel and a friend came over to suss out their geekcon vortex autocannon. Jeremy got rid of all the wood that was cluttering up the middle of the room in an attempt to tidy before the mtng thurs nite. Hand tools are going into the tower of hanoi and on the worktable to its right.


lets see, a bunch of stuff this past week. Amitai F. who gave us the awesome scope came by with some folks whose names didn't stick - one is from the Leipzig hackerspace, he and the other fellow are hacking wireless routers for local networks , using eg the pringle can antenna discussed recently on the google group.

Alon and Moti nailed the cupcake pretty well. It can be improved in a number of ways tho personally i'll put whatever time i (jeremy) have leftover from tryin to keep the place in some kind of order, into getting the reprap going since imho its got more potential - bigger bed, opto stops, no wood, heated bed.

Jeremy is finally finishing a flooring project which hopefully is done in the next few days freeing up a bunch of space i've been wasting in the hs.

kfir came by with a crew doing some startup brainstorming, i donate my 5% cut for coming up with a dumb addon to their cool idea, to the hs for beer and cola in perpetuity.

Jeremy got roped into making a bananabird for this Bezalel student, actualy i just have to do the wing movements. Moti and Alon printed up a pretty nice planetary gear , and just in case i bought a windshield wiper reciprocating motor. I'll attach it to the 'rocker' mechanism from Yair's book of mechanical movements.

Somebody removed our front downstairs door from its hinges, Gila the landlady is supposed to fix. I got some climbing plants (jasmine etc) and Sarah VanWagenen and I brought some big boxes from yafo to plant on our balcony. I dunno if compost can be incorporated, i'd need some way to lower stuff down . the most that can fit thru the bars is a 1.5liter bottle...


Moti and Alon nailed some of the cupcake bugs. Yair put up a string of festive LEDs around one of the octopus legs. Jeremy imposed a degree of order on the mechanical space ordnung! and the electrical space shtreng ordnung!!which are beginning to look like actual workplaces.


This fellow Kenny came by randomly - he's from Connecticut/Maine where he has an offgrid house on a lake, and his kids made aliyah so he was in IL and had heard of hackerspaces on NPR so looked up the new haven hackerspace and thru that I think found us - maybe here. Anyway he is into absorption refrigeration and also knows a lot of practical machining since he is a ship mechanic with the merchant marine - he is at sea for 3 months and takes 9 months off.

Something or another occurred and there now seem to be a few trees out front. reading powerstation


Uri & co Uri friend - forget name...came by and did some welding then reprapped. Yes, we have a sparkwelder and oxy torch - whoever brought those - thanks!!! Hanan and Dror also came round and observed the proceedings, and helped put up some kitchen shelves which took Jeremy about a day to finish - 2 shelves nice and sturdy. Moti came over at night and did some reprap stuff after giving a China update. Then he and Fromm came over Sat. noon for a serious day of work with Kfir showing up at around 1700 with food and energy . Yair came by around 9. The rest of the kitchen shelves were put up, and one section of grey rack was shifted to allow the CNC table that Kfir,J and Yair built to be put into the corner which is now officially the kfir korner for reprap and cnc activity. kfir' krazy korner moti pretends to do somethin useful moti continues pretending to do somethin useful moti continues pretending to do somethin useful This all involved a buttload of work. Also kfir took down the crappy-sounding speakers and installed the Marantz amp with J's speakers making a nice system. We can go hyperphonic if we want, we have a zillion speakers. Apologies to Dima if we somehow have mstreated your speakers - imho they were in a nice safe place away from dust etc - Moti said D was po'd that the speakers were on side instead of upright? Place looks a bit better, next area of attack is the mechanical corner... FYI we now have a 2nd cupcake reprap replication courtesy of Yocctar and a nice fat roll of extrusia fantastic plastic to go with it, now someone get it extruding willya? On 11.06.12 at 20:00 there will not be any activity concerning the street and some trees. Street thickness is more than I thought: ass fault And finally the chinese restaurant down the road painted their fence - chinese heiroglyphs

回乡偶书 coming home

少老离家老大回 I left home young and not till old do i come back,

乡音无改鬓发衰 My accent is unchanged,my hair no longer black,

儿童相见不相识 The children don\'t know me,whom i meet on the way,

笑问客从何方来 Where d\'your come from,reverend sir they smile and say.


The coop had a mtng.coopmtng

Jeremy put up a cable run

cable run finally getting rid of an annoying power line going on the floor. Also I attached long power strips to the column of the computer island, am on the way to fixing the last fluorescent in the mech table, and got rid of extraneous power strips on computer and mech tables cluttering things up. Fromm is planning a hypertoilet

greywater sink (hand-washing runoff goes into niagra falls).

Tom got an interesting daisy-chained unit with 8 8's, 8 leds, 8 buttons, and the ability to be connnected with other such devices in a chain. eight ate 888 eights


The algotraders killed a bug. Jeremy put away a bunch of accumulated tools floating around and built 2 shelves into the closet in jeremyland. Lots of people want dataloggers, is there some way to do this using usb sticks? The arduino seems to want sd cards.


Lisa worked late. Jeremy added a 1/8" PL extension cable so people working in the center island can run music to the stereo system.


Jeremy and Yonatan Fromm got busy cleaning the crap (figuratively) out of the bathroom. Also some boards

bored of boards

went up in the kitchen, Shay's_webcam got connected, J+U's qr pixel board qr qwazy got a step or two further, the toilet brush got reunited with its get a handle on thingshandle

yoni's dream job yoni 1:sludge 0 --Jeremy.rutman 14:35, 26 May 2012 (PDT)


Daniel and Uri Corin came by and went nuts. Daniel started making a bunch of lasers while Uri displayed a learning curve that was more step-function than curve.

daniel goes exawatt

uri meets arduino


Uri and Alon hacked cyberspace. Alon helped Jeremy setup Shay's Haifa webcam; a dos shell script runs scp every n seconds sending a file shot by yawcam.exe to, and a cron job switches that to pic.jpg every few seconds as long as the file is complete (thus avoiding partial pictures).


Daniel, Rivi, Guy, and Daniels friend came round. Guy & J put up a few more of the grey shelves and a new chandelier for the 50W CFL annoying light. Daniel showed off his 100mW green laser, Guy measured output w. a laser power meter, and some electric circuits got made. J continued with his whacky liquid QR-code board.


Yair came by and made a chandelier out of a ped-xing sign, he& Alon got the cupcake a few steps closer to producing cupcakes

stage and fridge

Four tables and a column

We got too much stuff!

We organized!

We cleaned! Media:Example.ogg

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